About Us

Hi! I'm Kata, the owner and only employee at Wanderlust Watercolours. This little dude, JJ, keeps me in line though! This whole thing started when I was very young and developed a love of art and colour. Through the years into adulthood I did everything I can to get my hands on new art supplies.

Wanderlust Watercolours started as just a love of using watercolour paints and a deep curiosity about the pigments used to make them. After much research learning about the various ways to make paints, an urge set in that wouldn't go away. I couldn't justify it as a hobby but my partner in crime (and life) urged me to follow that dream. I'm a SAHM which comes first, but my desire to create new things has never gone away, and I love to share that with you!

My paints are made from professional artist grade pigments that are rated good to excellent in light-fastness and mulled by hand in small batches into creamy, dreamy submission with my handmade and tested binder base. It is all natural and made using gum arabic (ground acacia sap), glycerin, honey (to allow for easy re-wetting when you're ready to paint) and a tiny amount of clove oil which is an anti-fungal and anti-mold essential oil.  

Due to the nature of handmade watercolours, some pans may contain cracks, tiny air-bubble holes or itty bitty sinkholes in the middle. I give my pans ample time to cure and dry before wrapping and shipping them. To prevent imperfections as much as possible, each pan is filled and dried in stages to minimize overall shrinkage. Also note that depending on the humidity of my environment, your environment, and everywhere your package goes in between us, some pigment combinations can hold on to extra moisture and arrive a bit tacky/sticky. This does not affect the paint, but please let it air dry to re-harden. These paints are not for human consumption.

You'll find me most active on Instagram over at my personal 'gram, @kataish, or our business 'gram, @wanderlustwc