OOPS blue - watercolour HALF pan
OOPS blue - watercolour HALF pan

OOPS blue - watercolour HALF pan

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Sometimes I end up with a bunch of these pans that are 1/3 to 1/2 filled (half pans). Either I've forgotten the recipe (oops!) or the pigment ratio didn't turn out exactly to match what I was trying to match (oops!) Thus, the "oops" line was born. Keep in mind these pans are not filled completely, but will make a beautiful addition to any palette.

OOPS BLUE - this blue is gentle and soft, highly granulating with pink and purple undertones. It makes us think of hazy summer daydreams and watching clouds float by!

PLEASE NOTE THIS IS A SECONDS QUALITY PAN. This means that the pan was only filled one or two times (to account for shrinkage in drying) and isn't a puffy pillow top over the edge. The price has been adjusted accordingly.

This shade is lightfast and can go on thick for a more opaque look. Because it is a mica pigment, it will also work well on darker papers. It can be applied with more water for a less opaque look. It has been mulled with our own tried and tested watercolour base. 

Please note that shimmer pigments are more prone to air bubbles in the pans. This has been filled in layers to prevent this as much as possible but bubbles will not affect the use of the paint.