Spring Showers collection - DOT CARD
Spring Showers collection - DOT CARD
Spring Showers collection - DOT CARD

Spring Showers collection - DOT CARD

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PLEASE NOTE: YOU ARE PURCHASING A DOT CARD. Any pans in photos are to show the set only. 

For spring, we wanted to bring some pastel-ish primaries inspired by florals! This collection comes with 3 exclusive mixed pigment colours:

Adenium is a dusty rosy pink with grey undertones as well as a duo violet-green mica. 
Cornflower is a heavily purple toned blue (though all of the pictures I've taken make it look pure blue, it is very purple in person, I promise.) I almost wanted to call this one 'blurple'!
Narcissus is a bit of a stretch of the imagination compared to the actual narcissus flower, but I based my shade on the Narcissus Prosecco, which is a more muted and slightly butter-toned golden yellow. 

These are all semi-transparent, softer shades. Combined they make an excellent variety of skin tones or soft light and shadows.


As a bonus, since my regular dot cards didn't cure properly, every Spring Showers dot collection also comes with a dot of our LE Hydrangea colour.

Hydrangea was a happy accident on the mulling slab. I didn't think it would amount to anything, but when I painted with the tiny sample I made of it, I fell in love. 

The actual tones of Hydrangea are hard to capture with a camera. Thickly applied, it is a teal leaning indigo, but it granulates a lot, and with more water applied, it is a soft purpley-teal combination. The granulation splits and leaves a soft pink-purple halo around the edge.


This listing is for a DOT CARD, which has a large dot sample of each colour. Please keep in mind that there is nothing but the paint itself adhering the dots to the card so if they happen to pop off, just reattach with a bit of water on the card and let it sit to dry. They can also be removed and added to your own mixing palette. Some of the dots may have traveled a little on their trip to the drying rack and look a little more blob-like than shown.

These paints are made from artist grade pigments that are rated good to excellent in light-fastness. They have been hand mulled into creamy-dreamy submission using my own all natural homemade binder base that has been tested and retested to allow you to easily re-wet your pans. Please keep in mind this base is all natural ingredients and contains trace amounts of clove oil which acts as an anti-mold agent to preserve the life of your paints and honey, which allow you to re-wet them quickly when you're ready to paint!

Due to the nature of handmade watercolours, some pans may contain cracks, tiny air-bubble holes or itty bitty sinkholes in the middle. I give my pans ample time to cure before wrapping and shipping them. To prevent this as much as possible, each pan is filled and dried in stages to minimize overall shrinkage. Also note that depending on the humidity of my environment, your environment, and everywhere your package goes in between, some pigment combinations can hold on to extra moisture and arrive a bit tacky/sticky. This also does not affect the paint itself, but please let it air dry once you unwrap it to re-harden

If you have any further questions, feel free to contact me to ask!