The #LDNONT duo (full pans) - fundraising set

The #LDNONT duo (full pans) - fundraising set

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 Please note: this set does not come with a tin.

This set contains two colours: OEV (Old East Village) & FC (Forest City). OEV is a deep blue leaning teal with violet and green shimmer, and FC is a soft light green with an astonishing amount of gold shimmer - just like the sun coming up over the trees. 

This set also comes with a You Are Beautiful sticker and a beautiful tiny pin/badge that says LOVE, made and donated by a local artist, Krista Ewer, aka tiny box of colour. (I've shared and gushed over her artwork on my Instagram page before and am lucky to own several pieces myself!)

The #LDNONT duo was created out of a fundraising need. Here in my city (London, Ontario) on August 14th, the community of Old East Village (OEV) suffered a horrible accident when a intoxicated driver hit a home and ruptured a gas line. So many were evacuated and soon after, there was an explosion from the gas leak. Many have lost their homes and belongings. This isn't the community that I live in (OEV) but I know many who do, and many businesses I regular have been affected. I've fallen in love with the city I call home again as I see the care and love put forth in helping those whose lives have been devastated by this. This is just my way of helping a little, raising money by doing what I do best. Thank you for your support.


$30 from each half pan set sold will be donated to help families who lost their homes/belongings in this horrible accident that affected so many in the Old East Village Community.

This particular set is mulled with artist quality pigments and micas - safe, inert pigments that are very colorfast and stable. The different particle sizes in the pigment produce different effects for your painting, from a smooth pearly luster to a high metallic sheen depending on how much paint you use.

They are mulled into creamy-dreamy submission using my own all natural homemade binder base that has been tested and retested to allow you to easily re-wet your pans. Please keep in mind this base is all natural ingredients and contains trace amounts of clove oil which acts as an anti-mold agent to preserve the life of your paints and honey, which allow you to re-wet them quickly when you're ready to paint!

Due to the nature of handmade watercolours, some pans may contain cracks, tiny air-bubble holes or itty bitty sinkholes in the middle. I give my pans ample time to cure before wrapping and shipping them. To prevent this as much as possible, each pan is filled and dried in stages to minimize overall shrinkage. Also note that depending on the humidity of my environment, your environment, and everywhere your package goes in between, some pigment combinations can hold on to extra moisture and arrive a bit tacky/sticky. This also does not affect the paint itself, but please let it air dry once you unwrap it to re-harden

If you have any further questions, feel free to contact me to ask!